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REAL Journey Academies is a non-profit charter school management organization established to increase college entrance and graduation rates for students in San Bernardino and the greater Inland Empire.

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Parent Testimonials


James Austin

My son Jacob struggled at his previous school. Since coming to Excel Prep Academy this year, he completes his homework regularly and looks forward to coming to school every day. I’ve never seen him this excited about school - We love it.


Carla Morales

The school is very organized, well maintained, and I love that students wear uniforms because I think it gives them a sense of unity. Both of my children love coming to school every day.


Darlene Hemme

I like the school structure, and their academic program is excellent. The school stresses strong communication between teachers and parents, and I absolutely love this.

Our Mission

The mission of REAL Journey Academies is to ensure all students are equipped with the academic knowledge and skills, intellectual habits of mind, and positive character traits that will enable them to thrive in school, career, and life.

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We are dedicated to providing the students of the Inland Empire community with a high quality education through our local charter schools and need your support to continue our hard work and educational services.