We recognize that educating children is a team effort and acknowledge parents as the primary educators. Upon enrolling their student(s) in the RJA program, parents are required to sign a contract agreeing to be active participates in their student(s) education and agreeing to attend mandatory parent/teacher meetings and a series of Parent Informational and Empowerment (PIE) workshops hosted by the school throughout the year.

LCAP Parent Survey- 2015


This year, REAL Journey Academies is seeking your input for improvement of our schools.

In 2013, California adopted a new formula for deciding how much money each school district gets, called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). As a result, each district is required to create a Local Control Accountability Plan often called the LCAP. As part of REAL Journey Academies effort to engage parents, guardians, and community input on the LCAP, we have held face-to-face input sessions to explain the new state law and gather feedback from you as our plan is updated.

The next phase of gaining your input is through a parent survey. The information you provide is very important to help us provide the very best education for our students.    Click Here



Este año, REAL Journeys Academies busca su contribución para el mejoramiento de nuestras escuelas. En 2013, California aprobó una nueva fórmula para decidir cuánto dinero recibe cada distrito escolar, llamada la fórmula de financiación de control local (LCFF). Como resultado, se requiere que cada distrito escriba un plan de responsabilidad  de control local, a menudo se le refiere como LCAP. Como parte del esfuerzo de REAL Journey Academies de involucrar a los padres, tutores y a la comunidad en este proceso, hemos tenido juntas para explicar la nueva ley estatal y hemos intercambio sus ideas mientras actualizamos nuestro plan.

La siguiente fase para obtener sus contribuciones es a través de una encuesta para los padres. La información que nos dé es muy importante para ayudarnos a proporcionar la mejor educación para nuestros estudiantes. Oprima aqui.

For further information on LCAP and LCFF please select from the following documents: LCAP/LCFF


Parent Contribution

Parents will be strongly encouraged to contribute a minimum of 10 hours per family, per academic year to the school. The Site Administrator shall maintain a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities including but not limited to the following: volunteering in the classroom/school (including at home assistance); tutoring, attending parent-teacher conferences, outdoor monitoring throughout the day, teaching enrichment courses, and attending fieldtrips.

Parent Teacher Organization

Parents will be encouraged and facilitated to form a Parent Teacher Organization to be responsible for parent involvement in school activities, fund raising, and advising the RJA Board of Directors on any and all matters related to the strengthening of the Charter School community.


Illuminate Parent Portal


Illuminate Parent Portal allows you to access your child's current grades, attendance information and even test scores and missing assignments.