Dear New Vision Academy Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to what promises to be an outstanding new year at our beloved school! As your principal, I am excited to utilize my experience and expertise to serve your children and our fantastic staff. I am energized at the possibilities of what we can achieve together.

My promise to you is to work very hard to ensure that our teachers have all the resources they need to provide a world-class education to your children. I will also strive to create a welcoming school culture and environment for learning that will make your children cherish the years they spend here at NVA.

I urge you to be our partners in this great endeavor. Your collective resources are great and your contribution key in our success. I want to hear all of your ideas and suggestions to improve our school. I welcome your time, your donations, and your support.

NVA will base every decision on student needs and interests. In classrooms, you will see rigor, adherence to the Common Core standards, project-based learning, developmentally-appropriate practices and individualized instruction.

Additionally, a main focus of our school will be on character, ethics and conduct. We will empower our students with the development of positive work habits, and the study skills which will not only teach them to manage themselves and their time, but also encourage them to grow up to become conscientious stewards of our world.

I will be holding regular gatherings called Coffee and Tea with the Principal. I am going to make myself available to you. Feel free to reach out to me at any time at: or text me on my mobile at: (818) 605-3888.

Go NVA Wolf pack! Let’s get ready to learn like Champions!

Mr. Alberto Ramírez, M.Ed.
Principal, New Vision Academy

"You are what you repeatedly do; therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle.